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TeX equation editor (Mathematical Formulas)

Equations math is a fascinating and versatile branch of mathematics - it is often used by scientists, engineers, and mathematicians for modelling equations that can describe the world around us.

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Math equation maker

Whether you are attempting to understand equations for your own academic or recreational pursuits, the sheer power of equations math makes it an indispensable tool.

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Math Equations Editor

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Awesome app great for double checking answers and they also give you the steps on how they got the answers so it's a win win. It help you in math and it makes sense but you have to pay if you want vip, good for Homework, though after how many tries it will not show you the computation if you don't go to premium.

Aaron Matney

Okay im a student and have a trouble understanding math even tho i watch examples in yt so i go to play store and in hope to see a good math app, very helpful and easy to access. This is a really helpful app for pretty much anything all you got to do is chose a thing like Algebra or Chemistry and then you can either take a picture of it, say the problem, or type the problem.

Christopher Buck

If the photo can't recognize the math, I go to the calculator and enter the problem and it has the exact same answers as if you were to snap a picture and includes the options to solve for different numbers etc. I sawanother person complainong that it kept on freezing but they fixed it, the solutions are also easy to understand.

Michael Gibson

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Equation math has also made leaps in recent years when it comes to gaming applications - equations now allow video game developers to create highly realistic visuals, from textures on virtual surfaces to characters with realistic facial features.