Pitched Roofs

With a wealth of experience to call on, we are able to offer assistance to clients’ individual requirements on all roofing and roofing related matters.

We are highly proficient and qualified in the following areas of work:

Pitched Roofing
Flat Roofing:

Mastic Asphalt
Mastic Asphalt is a versatile material which can be worked around most projections thereby giving an impermeable and seamless layer over the entire roof area.

Built-up Felt
All types of High Performance felt systems including Torch On or Pour and Roll methods using hot bitumen.

Liquid Waterproofing
The insulation is bonded to the vapor barrier with adhesive.

Sky Lights
Pitched Roofing:
Natural Spanish slates or manmade fiber cement slates.
Concrete or clay plain tiles and concrete interlocking tiles.
Lead for general roof coverings and flashings.
Skylights for pitched roofing.
Insulation for lofts under slates and tiles.

Associated and Maintenance Works:
Existing facia boards and soffits renewed or cloaked with UPVC boards, which give long life and low maintenance solution.
Gutters and downpipes renewed with plastic or cast iron materials, cleaning out and water testing of existing gutters and downpipes.
Installation of Insulation is essential in creating an energy-efficient building whilst also reducing ever-increasing heating costs.
Flat Roofs

Warm deck roofs are formed by laying the insulation board on the roof deck with a felt vapour barrier prior to the waterproof membrane. This eliminates any requirement for ventilation to the roof space. Warm air trapped in the roof space will not condense on any cold surfaces which would cause damage to the structure. This is of particular importance over a kitchen or bathroom.
The insulation is a rigid board which is fully compatible with most waterproofing systems and is unaffected by temperatures associated with mastic asphalt.

The insulation is resistant to the passage of water vapor and is ideal for new build or refurbishment projects.

The insulation boards are produced for use in varying thickness to accommodate the U value required.

Cold deck or Inverted roofs are insulated with a high performance rigid extruded polystyrene board laid loose on top of the waterproof membrane. Using this system the waterproof membrane is protected from physical damage, UV degradation from solar activity and extreme temperature change.

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The insulation boards are held down with suitable aggregate or paving slabs raised off the insulation on support pads. This prevents wind uplift and floatation of the boards during heavy rainfall and also gives the roof the required external fire performance.

Consideration should be given to the design load and roof structure as the additional load from aggregate or slabs can be considerable.

Pitched Roofs
Where more and more properties are having loft conversions, high-performance rigid foil backed insulation boards are fixed between the rafters. The insulation boards are unaffected by air infiltration, resistant to the passage of water vapour and ideal for new build or refurbishment projects.
Loft Insulation
Glass mineral wool insulation is rolled out between and over existing ceiling joists and in some cases can be laid on top of an existing insulation.

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