What to Expect

When you contact 2-1-1, you will go through a brief phone screening confirming your program eligibility and then set up an appointment with Family Housing Connection for an in-person meeting at one of our office locations. FHC Housing Specialists will talk through housing options including shelter diversion or waiting for available resoures on the Housing Placement Roster.

When a housing resource becomes available, you will be contacted by FHC to review the opening, confirm program eligibility and connect you with staff at the housing program. If, for some reason, your family doesn’t meet the criteria of a specific housing resource – your family will remain on the placement roster with your original placement roster date.

How long will I be on the wait list?

Unfortunately, we are unable to predict how long your family will wait until a resource becomes available. Your family will be contacted when they are the first eligible for an opening. Families staying in places not meant for habitation will be connected to shelter/emergency housing resources as they become available. Families have the option to stay on the placement roster while they are in shelter to be referred to longer term resources like Rapid Rehousing, Rental Assistance, Transitional Housing, and non-time limited resources if needed.

What can I expect from a family shelter?

There are two models of family shelter in our community. The majority of family shelters provide a separate room or apartment unit for family, and provide furnishings. Lengths of stay vary by the shelter progrm.

The second model is a crisis response shelter that provides night time shelter for families in a community setting. Families arrive around dinner time and are provided a safe place to sleep, shower, and spend time with their families. They leave the shelter in the morning after breakfast is provided. The shelter is open 24 hours on weekends where families can stay together to relax and prepare for the week ahead. 

What is shelter diversion?

Diversion is an opportunity for your family to create an individualized plan to identify immediate housing arrangements that do not include waiting for shelter. Housing Specialists will work with your family to determine if there is a place you can stay that feels safe that doesn’t include staying in a shelter.